In 1958 Late. Chandrasekhara Kamath founded Kshema Ayuveda Pharmacy and pioneered the manufacturing of ayurvedic formulations in Muvattupuzha, Kerala. Soon his Lehyams, Arishtams, Choornams and Kashayams became an indispensible part of authentic ayurvedic therapy in central Kerala.He had a network of suppliers including tribals to provide genuine herbals. His manufacturing process was based on traditional thaliyola text books which were usually time consuming with no short cuts and naturally those formulations were of unmatched high standard.

This legacy was continued through his son who later became a qualified ayurvedic doctor with B.A.M degree and again due to his passion for modern medicine, acquired MBBS degree. He associated with Amrita Institute of Medical sciences as the HOD of holistic medicine and lately, with Co Operative hospital, Muvattupuzha.

Now Shamrock Creations have taken over and are planning to bring out high quality ayurvedic medicines under Kshema Ayurvedics. Their first product being KSHEMA AYURVEDIC HAIR OIL.

Dr.C.Ravindra natha Kamath BAM, MBBS continues to supervise the entire manufacturing process and hence KSHEMA AYURVEDICS is proud of its tradition of unmatched high quality. Many of the rare and exotic ingredients are organically grown in our own premises to ensure the quality of the product.