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Meet the Coconut Hair Oil everyone is talking about

Proprietary Ayurvedic Medicine 100% Ayurvedic Oil 100% free from Chemicals & Perfume Clinically Proven to Grow New Hair & prevent hair loss

Just 9 Organic ingredients that will change your hair.

Hair growth

Active Ingredients

Bhringraj    Bhṛṅgarāja     भृङ्गराज
Thank this one for Increasing blood circulation to the scalp and roots, which promotes hair growth.

Thanni(Beleric)     Bibhītaka         बिभीतक
A potent tonic which does wonders for your hair by stimulating the roots and follicles in the scalp, and promoting hair growth.

Increasing volume and thickness

Active Ingredients

Neela Amari(Indigo)  Nīlinī   नीलिनी
Chills stressed hair and make it appear thicker and softer.

Nellika(Gooseberry)     Amlā     अम्ला
Highly potent ‘divyaushada’ or a divine medicine  contains Vitamin C and contains lots of essential fatty acids that strengthen hair follicles, giving the hair strength and luster.    

Hair Fall control & Frizz protection

Active Ingredients

Coconut Oil   Nārikera Taila           नारिकेलतैलम् 
The ultimate multitasker, Coconut oil is packed with fatty acids (especially lauric acid ) that can improve hair health - relieve dandruff, restore luster to dry and damaged hair, tame frizz, and protect hair against styling damage.

Aloe vera   Ghṛtakumārī               घृइतकुमारी
Rich in vitamins A, C, and E which are essential for cell turnover and hair repair.  

Kunni (Rosary Pea)  Śvetaguñjā      श्वेतगुञ्जा
This powerful ‘keshya’ herb ensures better nutrient absorption and prevents your follicles from drying up.

Dandruff control

Active Ingredients

Vali Uzhinja (Balloonwine) Indravallī       इन्द्रवल्ली
This superstar’s anti-inflammatory properties make it an effective home for itchy scalp and dandruff.

Irattimadhuram(Liquorice)       Yaṣṭimadhu    यष्टिमधु
This ancient herbs antibacterial properties helps cut down the itching sensation and reduces the chances of dandruff to a great extent.

45-day Hair Transformation Challenge

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